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An exotic Rhinoceros Beetle
2 U.S. Rhinoceros Beetle Species
Immature stages of rhinoceros beetles
More Horned Beetles
Other Kinds of Beetles
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HORNED BEETLES: Nature's Six-Legged Knights in Armor
Other Kinds of Beetles

Smaller but still interesting!

Place cursor on photo for name of beetle

Phileurus illatus

Bess Beetle

plusiotis beyeri

Above: Plusiotis beyeri
Below: Plusiotis gloriosa
Collected in southern Arizona

Plusiotis gloriosa

Dorcus titanus, an Asian stag beetle

The female stag beetle has small mandibles

Eyed click beetle

Lucanus elephas (giant stag beetle)

Lucanus capreolus

Look for more pictures forthcoming in this space!

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